Meet The Creepy New Russian Environmental Protection Mascot!


Meet Khokhulya (before it meets you, in your worst nightmares) – the new environmental mascot of the Kaluga region, Russia. This creepy creature appears at exhibitions, children’s events and in the streets of the region. The mascot promotes careful attitude to the nature while looking like something that came out of a fever dream.

Creepy mascot from Russia.

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This Mini Chainsaw For Carving Turkeys Will Take Thanksgiving To The Next Level


Carving the turkey for Thanksgiving is a true honor for any man, and should be taken extremely seriously. Assuming you have no backup turkey, you have only one opportunity to slice and carve it just perfectly, or your reputation with your family with be ruined for ages. What better way to ensure you carve your Thanksgiving turkey properly and in the most manly way possible than with a chainsaw carving tool?

The manliest way to cut meat.

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The Funniest Posts From Our Friends


Pigeons Make The Laziest Nests! – Pigeons are notoriously lazy, and will give the minimum effort needed to take care of the eggs. They spend most of their time just having fun flying around and getting really resentful about having to raise kids.

The Perfect Gift For Someone You Hate – Hungry AND tired? You can rest on this soft body pillow shaped like smoked pig’s feet! What really amazes us are the details, it looks so real… and so disgusting.

Every Cat at 3AM – If you currently have or have ever had a cat, you’ll be able to relate to Gus Johnson’s video, in which he demonstrates one of the many ways in which our furry friends can be a-holes.

The Funniest Dog Videos Of All Time – We understand the value of a good funny dog video, so here’s a list of our six best viral pup videos of all time. You’re welcome.

Mildly Infuriating Things In Life – Sometimes the internet shows you a photo that’s ever so slightly wrong that it sticks in your brain forever…

Funny Images Showing How Differently Men and Women Act – Yup, we’re different and there is no denying that fact. We have different bodies, different brains and different ways of using both.

Dads Who Didn’t Want The Damn Dogs In Their Lives – Dad logic is a weird thing. They say they hate dogs, and then you end up with a gallery like this…

Random Funny Pictures – What do you do when you are bored at work? You just mindlessly scroll through random funny pictures, of course!

Mr. Bean Playing Every Role In Hollywood – When one thinks of a rugged, versatile actor capable of elevating any role given to them, Mr. Bean naturally springs to mind. And yet he was never cast as Frodo Baggins or Indiana Jones, which in our eyes is one of the saddest tragedies of modern filmmaking.

Illustrator Reveals The Brutally Honest Life Truths – Chaz Huton perfectly sums up the realities of everyday life, and he does it all on brutally honest sticky notes.

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