This Bulgarian Woman Addicted To Lip Fillers Wants To Create The World’s Largest Lips


Andrea Emilova Ivanova, a 22-year-old woman from Sofia, in Bulgaria, has quadrupled the size of her lips after undergoing countless lip filler injections. The young woman, dubbed a “real-life Barbie”, has already spent thousands of dollars on lip fillers, but claims she still wants to increase the size of her ducklips. She isn’t sure if hers are already the biggest lips in the world, but she proudly admits that they must be among the biggest. Although she sometimes gets negative comments on social media because of her oversized lips, Andrea says she ignores the criticism, because hers is the only opinion that matters…

Would you kiss her?

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Adventurous Frenchman Sails Around The World With His Pet Chicken


Guirec Soudée is an adventurous man who has been spending the past years sailing around the world and has gained quite a following in France because he decided to make the trip with his pet chicken, Monique. As an added benefit, Monique provides eggs along the journey, meaning she is not just dead weight out there on the water. Guirec has even published a book about their adventures. Scroll down to see the some of the best moments of their journey!

Sailing together with a pet chicken.

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