This Month’s Funniest Internet Galleries


Autumn / Winter 2018 Men’s Fashion: Crocheted Pants – Just when you thought you have seen it all, fashion industry comes up with this atrocity…

Redneck Retriever – He’s not racist or anything but those damn terriers look all look the same to him.

What Were Their Parents Thinking!? – Gallery of unfortunate people with hilariously inappropriate names.

Hilarious Low Budget Cosplay – Headed to Comic-Con? Getting ready for Halloween? Russian Instagrammer Alexander Kravets might be able to help you out. He takes normal household items and uses them to make incredibly creative cosplay on the cheap.

There Are Some Things You Just Can’t Argue With – Gallery of funny pictures that are so true that it hurts.

People Sharing Their Most Embarrassing Childhood Photos – If we all digged deep enough, I’m sure we could find a terrible class or family photo of ourselves we’d rather not remember.

Bad-Ass Presidential Portraits – Artist Jason Heuser has been creating portraits of bad-ass American presidents since 2011. This is a list of his best works so far.

Hilariously Confused Dogs Who Fetched The Wrong Things – Some dogs are really smart. Some… Well, not so much…

Ridiculously Sexist Vintage Ads – Yes, these are actually real. It was a different time. Very, very different time.

Autumn / Winter 2018 Tortoise Fashion – This marvellous fashion collection has been created by the leading American tortoise fashion designer Katie Bradley. Enjoy!

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The Beauty Symbol of Persia From The 1900s


Beauty standards have changed drastically over the time. In 19th century Persia, the Western tastes were not dominant. So of course, they had beauty standards of their own. The more masculine a woman was, the more beautiful she was considered. The opposite was also true for men.

Scroll down to feast your eyes on princess Zahra Khanom Tadj es-Saltaneh (1883 – 1936) who was considered the ultimate symbol of beauty in Persia during the early 1900s. So much in fact, it’s rumored that13 men killed themselves because she rejected their love.

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